BOOK REVIEW Many of us start the new year feeling hopeful and soon get overwhelmed and lose the excitement. If you made a goal to grow this year, Becoming His Masterpiece, can help you get grounded in scripture and draw you closer to the heart of God. It is a unique devotional book by author and artist, Sharon Collins, with vivid abstract paintings to go along with a different Christian devotional for each week of the year. I love her humble spirit with which she writes. She doesn’t claim to be a Bible scholar, but a lifelong masterpiece-in-the-making. Each devotional is encouragement from her life and Bible scripture to seek Jesus more fully and to allow God to do a work in us each day.
I was also encouraged by Sharon’s story; she didn’t start her artistic journey until she was 67 years old! She calls it “answering His call” in God’s timing. Her story reminds me of the often-quoted expression:

“You’re Never Too Old To Set A New Goal or To Dream Another Dream.”

Food is fuel for our bodies. Sharon encourages her readers to spend time with God to have their souls nourished. Painting and writing are her ways of expressing the heart and mind of God. If you are looking for a devotional to start the new year, but need a visual experience, Becoming His Masterpiece by Sharon Collins may be the one you need!

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Pair it with a visual Bible or study materials.