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I love finding tips for helping women with health and financial life skills. It’s all part of living a life of purpose and adventure. We can trust God to provide when we are seeking Him and being responsible with all areas of our lives. When I learned about Christian Community Credit Union, I was skeptical at first as to whether or not it was a safe place for God’s money and whether or not the rates could actually compare to big banks. Mostly, I was curious about the “Christian” part of the name. As I learned more, I realized that CCCU is investing into the growth of the gospel. It is fulfilling the Great Commission with our resources as we simply bank as usual.

The Christian Community Credit Union is a great alternative to your average bank. You can feel good about how your money is being used. Like any credit union, your money is protected up to$250,000. Check out all the great benefits of becoming a member of CCCU!


CDs are currently at 5% for 14 months

Grow your money with the new Harvest High-Yield Checking Account. Earn a 4.00% APY* interest rate,1 while your money is used to support church and ministry growth!

Matthew 25 Jesus expects us to be stewarding or investing all that He gives us while He is away. Whether we are investing in ourselves, other people, or our finances, we are called to Go and do the best we can with what we have been given for as long as we are given.

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