Photo by Alyson McPhee on Unsplash

You won’t get too much faith by feeding it the proper nutrition as you won’t eat too much for your body by feeding it the nutrients it needs.

Things That Will Feed Your Faith Will Increase Your Faith And Decrease Unbelief

  1. Read the Word of God on daily intervals. I choose to read a little every morning to give my faith the energy and nutrients to fuel me through the day.

2. Reflect or continue to think about the Word throughout the morning. I call it active rest. I feel my best when I’ve reflected on the scripture by journaling or by writing down a verse or two to continue thinking about throughout the day.

3. Remember what God has done for you in the past. How has God came through for you or other people in the Bible? What God has done is an indicator of what God will do again.

Exercising in your 20s increased your strength, flexibility, and mobility. You can be confident that it will do the same in your 40s and beyond. If you’ve never been very fit, but you’ve seen other people train and get fit, you can be confident it will work for you.

So it is with spiritual fitness. If it works for someone else, it will work for you! Jesus has given us a workout partner called the Holy Spirit. Try the 3 Rs for the next four weeks and watch how you grow your faith and decrease your unbelief. More protein of the scriptures will decrease the fluff of life that weighs you down. Your life will be more balanced and you will have the faith to thrive!