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WHAT WILL THEY THINK? by Grace Valentine


Are you a twenty-something—or older—woman ready to live your life boldly for Christ? Grace Valentine, author and podcast host, walks us through the lives of nine women in the Bible who can help us do just that.

The stories of these women are our stories. Ms. Valentine is a recent college graduate who struggled with finding her identity and calling, all while healing from a people-pleasing mindset and an eating disorder. She discovers God’s heart for women and wants to share the truth with us that we don’t have to be perfect to start responding to God’s call.

1. Esther: young, orphaned woman placed in a “beauty pageant or maybe on a season of The Bachelor as King Xerxes” looks for his new wife. If she speaks up for her beliefs she could be killed.

“I would rather be too adventurous than too scared.”

2. Deborah: the only judge of Israel in the Bible, a prophet and poet, a military leader, and married.

3. & 4. Sarah and Hagar: Sarah laughed when God promised her a son in her old age. Sarah and Hagar were jealous of each other and were not bold believers until God separated them. They finally trusted God and watched Him do the impossible.

5. Mary: the mother of Jesus and wife of Joseph. She humbly and boldly raised the Messiah while people gossiped about her virginity.

6. The unnamed woman at the well: a Samaritan woman without a husband who tried to avoid others, and who was hated by most Jewish people. She is the first person Jesus reveals Himself to as the Messiah. She was bold and left shame at the well to tell the whole town about the Savior— and they believed her.

7. The unnamed woman who touched Jesus’ cloak: isolated for 12 years due to bleeding that wouldn’t stop. Boldly touched Jesus’ cloak in a crowd where she was immediately healed. One of only two women in the Bible whom Jesus called daughter.

8. Mary Magdalene: demon-possessed and then boldly left everything to travel with Jesus and to support him in ministry after He healed her.

9. Tabitha: lived near the coast and had a gift for sewing. Only has about six verses written about her. She was mostly unseen but used her gift faithfully and many mourned at her death before Jesus healed her.

“The women shined their light. Even when their pasts were dark, they realized the light didn’t come from who they were but from who God is.”

Society goes from telling women to be small and silent into telling girls to be their own heroes. The truth? We are not all called to be someone’s silent sidekick neither are we the hero in our own stories. Grace writes, “we are called to be bold and point to the One who can save the hearts of everyone.”

Stories on God’s view of women continue with Lydia and many others. Do you see yourself and your purpose as God sees you or have you started believing lies from watching social dynamics in your church or from social media. Grace challenges us to live boldly, whether seen or unseen by others.

Grace Valentine’s new book What Will They Think? is an open and honest look into her own personal growth as well as a healthy balanced view of being a Christian woman. I recommend it as a summer read whether you’re a young adult or someone trying to help yourself and your young people navigate life in a godly manner.

“Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”  Heb. 4:14-16

If you’re young and need encouragement or just need to hear some other perspectives to help you discern a situation in your own life, you can also listen to her podcast Water Into Wine. @thegracevalentine

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